Limousine service 24/7 in Amsterdam

Would you like to have an entertained and evening full of goodness, VIP status and much more? Try our Limousine service paired with companionship by one, two or even various escort models of choice. With our limo service, we assure you that your trip to any club, party or restaurant will be in absolute high class and style and suites those who are looking for an amazing night. This is one of the most exclusive services that high class escort Cherish Companions can deliver in various cities.

Being driven in a limousine is a unique experience. The inside of a limousine taxi is very large, offers a few bottles of champagne, music on demand and even a video screen to be entertained together with your companion(s). Arriving at the spot of where it all happens, a limo does often not park in regular spots but straight in front of various VIP entrances which will make you feel special the moment you step out.

Our VIP service with a real genuine limousine will definitely make you feel special.

Please note that for limousine service we have to plan your booking in advance. Different rates apply as well and we would like to ask you to get in touch with us. Let us know your wishes and we will make you a special deal. Our limousine’s are available in major cities such as amsterdamrotterdamutrecht and the hague.

For us it is no problem to serve you at day or in the middle of the night. We can supply the limousine with additional drinks such as whisky, finest beers, snacks and more.

limousine service

We are available 24 hours a day.

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