The thing to do in Amsterdam for 3 hours

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Amsterdam – tourist stories

Hello, gentleman and boggers. Today we going to talk about the things you can do in Amsterdam for not more than 3 hours. This a short guide about how not waste your time and have some downtown in the capital of the Netherlands. Of course, there are so many things to do, but we will show you the best and more exciting things to do in the master. At the end of the day nobody coms to this city for the opera.

So lets start now
Number one and the winner on the list are: Meeting with an escort girl. Amsterdam is well known for the legalization of prostitution and weed. You can call for escort girls and smoke weed as much as you wanto to. Check-in Googe type ”escort Amsterdam” and voila! You can choose from the best escort agency and girls in all of Europe. That ladies are real sex goddesses and they will satisfie all your sexual desires and kinky wishes. After the confirmation via calling into your hotel room. The arrival of the escort lady will take around 30 minutes. Then you have full hour/60 minutes/ of enjoying her company and have a great time together. Do not waste it n talks
Next in our list is Smoke so Weed…
What is visitation in Amsterdam without smoking some weed in a local coffee shop? Go out for a walk in the downtown of Amsterdam. There you going to find a lot of emblematic for the city coffee shops. Choose one of them and ask for the weed you want to try. We can highly recommend you to try also the space check there. Usually is homemade.
You can go also to the Red Light District. That’s a place where you can have paid love the only thing is that you have to choose, from ladies on the windows, do not worry everything is legal. As we say sex and drugs are legal in the Netherlands. There area part of the culture of that country.
Amsterdam is an amazing and charming city with a population of more than 1,5 million peoples. Of course, there are so many things to do, but this is our advice for the best things you can to in Amsterdam for less than 3 hours.

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