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Our high-class escort agency is dedicated, legitimate and offers various clients daily exclusive and professional services from Holland to both national and international regions. We work towards quality and have high standards compared to other agencies within this area.

Our expectations are 21 years of age, at least universal schooling and a high emotional intelligence where you can manage yourself in various situations and occasions with clients. You know what irregular means and love the lifestyle a high class escort model enjoys. If you feel triggered then please use the following form.

Of course, in return, we offer very high payments compared to others. A very special and amazing period in your life which can be found elsewhere. Discretion is important as we understand fully and not all days we can expect you to be available.

However, everything is, of course, to be discussed. Nothing you will not go against your will, and everything by the books. We can invite you for a personal and non-committal meeting with one of our staff members. Your privacy is guaranteed.

In a personal meeting, all the questions you might have about our services, clients, traveling expenses and all can be discussed in private. Our terms are excellent compared to others and the most important thing we ask is loyalty. If you can find yourself within these expectations then please write us a personal application. We will get back to you within 24 up to 48 hours. It is no problem if afterwards, this is not what you were looking for.

We respect your choice as female at all time.

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